Fort Covington EMS, INC. (FCEMS) is an Advanced Life Support ambulance service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, employing one AEMT-CC Monday-Friday from 8 am- 4 pm. Our Advanced Life Support status allows FCEMS to provide the highest level of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) care to the Town of Fort Covington, the Town of Bombay, and the Town of Dundee, QC. During the off hours, FCEMS provides emergency medical care via our volunteer members. Our volunteers are essential to the services that we provide. FCEMS currently consist of the following volunteer EMT's: 4 Critical Care level technicians, 3 Paramedic, 3 Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians, and 6 Emergency Medical Technicians. Our service is dispatched by the Franklin County Emergency Services dispatch center.

FORT COVINGTON EMS: 518-358-9970




In 2012, Emergency Medical Technicians from the Fort Covington Fire Department brought to the membership a request to separate from the fire department. The ambulance was an expensive piece of apparatus for the fire department to stock, maintain and upgrade equipment. The membership of the fire department agreed and approved the separation thus helping to reduce the financial burden of the fire dept.

With support from the newly formed membership, Franklin County Emergency Services, New York State Department of Health, Attorney Brad Pinsky and others, Fort Covington EMS, Inc. was established in 2013.


Fort Covington EMS is currently the primary pre-hospital care service for the Town of Fort Covington. In 2016 a shared services agreement was established between FCEMS, the Town of Fort Covington, and the Town of Bombay. We now provide emergency pre-hospital care to the Town of Bombay Monday-Friday from 8 am- 4 pm. FCEMS also provides a first response service to our neighbors in the north. Being that Fort Covington is closer to the Town of Dundee, QC FCEMS responds to emergency calls for medical assistance on the Canadian side of the border. FCEMS provides emergency medical services, until Canadian EMS can arrive on scene to transport the patient to a Canadian Hospital. If the patient in in a serious enough state, or has a serious enough condition FCEMS will transport the patient to the closest medical facility.

Fort Covington EMS will also provide mutual aid support, or an ALS intercept to any neighboring agency in need.